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Membership Discount Plans

No Insurance? No Worries!

Looking for a more affordable way to visit the dentist? Dr. Jordan Carl is pleased to offer his own in-office dental membership discount plan created especially for those who do not have the benefit of dental insurance.

What's Included?

What’s Included?
- 2 Exams (Comprehensive, Recall or Emergency)

- 2 Cleanings

- 2 Oral Cancer Screenings

- 4 Bitewing X-Rays

- Any Individual X-Rays Needed Throughout the Year

- Full Mouth Series of X-Rays or Panorex

- 10% OFF Minor Dental Procedures***

- 10% OFF Major Dental Procedures***

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membership discount 2.jpg

Tiered Pricing for Maximum Savings

Single $315 (savings of $223)

Dual* $595 (savings of $481)

Family** (3) $775 (savings of $839)

Family** (4) $955 (savings of $1197)

Each Additional Member $110

Membership fee is due in full at the time of enrollment and your membership will be effective immediately once payment is received. Payment for additional services is due when services are rendered. Your discount plan is good for one year.

This plan is non-refundable. No refunds or premiums will be issued at any time in participant(s) decides not to utilize their dental membership. You will not receive a membership card - your plan's effective date will be on file with our office. Memberships are non-transferrable and cannot be used in combination with dental insurance.

This program is an in-office discount plan, not a dental insurance plan.

Benefits of the Membership Plan

- No deductibles or reimbursements
- No monthly premiums
- No yearly maximums
- No pre-existing condition exclusions
- No complicated forms to complete
- Join at any time of the year
- No worrying about who is in or out of network
- The whole family can become a member!

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Become a Member Today!

Everyone deserves affordable dental care. For more information or to sign up today, please contact our office and we will gladly get you started!

*The dual plan is for parent/child or spouse/spouse only.
**The family plan includes family members and children under 18 or children who are enrolled in college full-time until the age of 23.
***Select services excluded, see office for details. If you utilize care credit, discount will be 5% for minor procedures and 5% for major procedures.

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